A scalp massage can yield several surprising health benefits for the average person.   Repetitive movements applied with pressure to the scalp can promote relaxation.

A better mood is one of the most noticeable benefits.  When done correctly, it can trigger the production of cortisol, dopamine, and serotonin.  A scalp massage can act as a temporary mood elevator, as an anti-anxiety medication.

Relief of migraines can be achieved due to them being closely associated with muscle tension.  Numerous scientific studies have found that those who receive massages regularly tend to have fewer migraines and sleep better.

There is also a decent amount of scientific data to suggest that it promotes hair growth along with improved blood flow in your scalp.   It can activate follicles that were previously dormant and help maintain healthy-looking hair.  You may not be able to grow it all back at once, but it is an option worth having.

Some people carry much tension in their neck so a scalp massage can make it easier to move your neck without discomfort.

People who struggle with insomnia can see an improvement in sleeping more soundly with a regular scalp massage.  It relieves physical and emotional tension and can help you get to sleep easier.

It is a great natural way to combat fatigue.  Some people find they feel more energetic after receiving a scalp massage.

A scalp massage can help remove waste backed up from the lymph nodes, which strengthens your immune system.   Even a 15-minute massage can do wonders, making you a healthier overall person.

The increased blood flow can improve your memory and decrease the emotional stress you are carrying around.  Because you are so relaxed, you could see a decrease in your blood pressure as well as breathing easier.  If you have asthma, allergies, or some other respiratory issue, it could help you start breathing more normally.

With all the different benefits, you should look into getting a massage shortly.  You are likely to see a positive difference in your mood, overall well being, and perhaps your hair.